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Wave International Company is one of the leading manufacturers of Pickaxe and Pick mattock for agriculture purpose. It enables you to get your tasks done efficiently. We manufacture a different range of Pickaxe and pick mattock to meet the requirement of customers around the world. They are designed by the skilled workers in our factory to meet British, European and American standards. Our products are famous for their high-quality. We believe in customer satisfaction and maintaining the quality and services.

  • WGP3001
  • WGP3002
  • WGP3003
  • WGP3004
  • WGP3005
  • WGP3006
  • WGP3007
  • WGP3008
  • WGP3009
  • WGP3010
  • WGP3011
  • WGP3012
  • WGP3013
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