Products /Spades & Shovel
At Wave International, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality shovels and spades ideal for gardening, agricultural and construction industry. We manufacture different size and type of spade and shovels for the purpose of digging and for lifting and moving loose material. The selection of the size of shovels and spade depends upon your size and task at hand. Our reasonable price products are famous for its excellent quality in the entire world.

  • WGS1001
  • WGS1002
  • WGS1003
  • WGS1004
  • WGS1005
  • WGS1006
  • WGS1007
  • WGS1008
  • WGS1009
  • WGS1010
  • WGS1011
  • WGS1012
  • WGS1013
  • WGS1014
  • WGS1015
  • WGS1016
  • WGS1017
  • WGS1018
  • WGS1019
  • WGS1020
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