Company Profile
We are global manufacturers and forging alliances with the International Gardening, Agricultural and Building Tools industry.

Established in 1989 as a quality manufacturer, initially supplying to Europe, we expanded manifold throughout the globe. We have been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our products conform to the British, European and American standards. We guarantee the Highest Quality and On-Time Delivery, which are the key factors for an international exporting company.

We currently supply many blue chip companies and offer service that is unrivalled. Our commitment to you is paramount to our success.

Our philosophy has remained the same over the years – As a company we pride for Service, Quality and Professionalism. With the help of our hard working staff we aspire to fulfil all your needs.
Company Policy & Objectives
To contribute to the progress of the world happiness of mankind, through the production and add to the incessant research and creative activities associated with it.

Futuristic approach vision to lead and a thirsting desire to excel is the benchmark of growth. Creating product to cater to mankind of tomorrow and adherence to futuristic coherence shall dictate the future.

The company has a very flexible approach towards its valuable & distinguished customers with an objective to provide them the superior value of our products at a highly competitive prices and there by develop a leadership position in the market for the company and for the benefit of its customers by achieving the economies of scale production concept and passing out its benefits in the shape of reducing costs to our loyal and valuable customers.
Our Services To You
We offer customized services that fit into your needs and where ever possible, we will accommodate any requirement no matter how obscure it may be.
Health & Safety
As a manufacturer, Health & Safety is the utmost important factor affecting our company and the industry today. The stringent standards set out by the British, American and the European Health & Safety Directorate are an integral part of our everyday operations. Each product batch produced is tested by own Research & Development center ensuring that all products manufactured by us meet the stringent standards set out by governing institutions for the Tools industry.

All plant and auxiliary staff is fully trained on all matters relating to plant, health & safety issues. We have our in-house health & safety officer that implements and regularly trains our staff to the international standards laid down by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

It is our company's aim that all our staff should be able to work in a safe working environment and also that they do not infringe on public safety or the local environment.
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